Mellow DAO

Purpose of the DAO

The Mellow protocol will generate revenue for the Mellow DAO. To maintain and develop the protocol, the Treasury will pay developers and permanent employees. Audits of the protocol and any future products will also be funded by treasury funds.

The Mellow DAO will provide funding for initiatives that extend Mellow or make use of the Refinery's synthetic tokens. If you have a project suggestion, talk to the moderators and developers in the community discord. You will receive financing if your proposal is approved by a majority vote of the community.

Through governance voting, LAB token owners can express a desire to reform the protocol.

The Governance Process

Currently, a developer multisig with signaling via the Snapshot app is used to manage the Mellow DAO. Holders of LAB Tokens have governance rights over how the protocol is run and how the treasury is used. By adhering to the Community Governance Process, community members may submit proposals.

Future of Mellow Finance

The development team will put forth their idea for comprehensive on-chain governance once the Mellow DAO has reached maturity, providing the community total authority over a variety of protocol settings. The development of the DAO will be an open process. The crypto industry is home to many bright and intelligent individuals, and the Mellow development team takes community feedback carefully. As a result, the direction and design of the DAO may be significantly influenced by community feedback.

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